• Who are local leaders? 
  • What makes them a leader?
  • What is their impact on all of us?
  • How do we grow local leaders?
  • How can I become a leader in my community?

Hi, I’m Kathryn Trauger and I am passionate about my community and the local leaders we have. I am fascinated by leadership and eager to explore these questions (and more) in this site. There is much devoted to leadership, books, blogs, podcasts, Ted Talks and more. But there is very little about the impact that our local leaders have on our communities and on our lives.

This is where it starts.  This is authentic leadership. This is important.

I am a current city council member, in Glenwood Springs, a small mountain town in the heart of Colorado.  You may have heard of it because it was named “The Most Fun Town” by Rand-McNally and USA Today a few years ago. Glenwood boasts wonderful hot springs, fantastic caves, glorious rivers and spectacular mountains and offers something for just about everyone.

My personal background is varied. I was trained as a journalist, worked in advertising, healthcare, and education. I currently work for a wonderful non-profit that helps local leaders build strong, prosperous communities. I developed a local blog and have had articles and columns published on line and in local media.

None of this makes me a local leader. I am hoping to learn a great deal about leadership through development of this site.

I hope you will join me in this journey, not only as a visitor, but as a contributor.  You can help develop this site by recommending leaders, commenting and perhaps contributing a post. I hope to hear from you!