Who Will Lead?

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”   –Jack Welch

Who will lead? 

This is a question of grave concern for our country in However, this is not a political commentary. I don’t intend to explore or expound on national elections or politics. I do believe the choices that we currently have may be a direct reflection of lack of leadership at a more authentic, grassroots level. We, as a whole, are not good at cultivating excellent local leaders.

What is a Local Leader?

A local leader may not be who you think they are.  It is a broad term, and intentionally so. It may be a member of the school board or it may be the president of the local parent-teacher group. In fact, it may be the parent that organizes the fundraiser for the parent organization. Could it be the local elected official? Possibly, but it could also be the person who serves on the parks board. It might be the person who mows the lawns in the parks. The county commissioner or state representative could be a local leader.  But it may also be the director of a local non-profit leading the charge to make better communities — one community at a time or to keep local youths out of trouble. It might be a local realtor, a business owner, a teacher, a lawyer, a police officer, a nurse, the clerk behind the counter or an office worker. In fact, it might be you.

Why do we need Local Leaders?

The answer is simple; they have a direct influence on our lives and our communities. They make things happen in our world. Our communities are microcosms of our state, our nation and of the world we live in. It is the sum of our communities that make up this nation. The stronger our leaders are, the stronger our communities will be. The stronger our communities are, the stronger our nation will become.

How do we grow exceptional Local Leaders?

I have no answer. I don’t believe that it is something that can be distilled into a formula. Together, we will explore the topic. By talking with a variety of people, examining the traits, values, habits, and more of those we consider local leaders, together we will have a better picture, a roadmap of ways that we can cultivate local leadership, within our community and within ourselves.

Through personal stories and practical information, we will be able to begin to identify, grow and encourage the local leaders within our communities. Perhaps you are the person your community needs at this time. Through these pages, you may find the inspiration to begin your own journey of leadership.

Who are your Local Leaders?

Every community has local leaders. Who are the people in your community that you consider local leaders? Let me know and we will talk with them and share their story. If you are one of those leaders, talk to us. Share your experiences and tell us what you think makes an exceptional local leader. We are listening!

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